Canister Wipes

Canister wipes are available from NTC from small oval canisters for specialty applications, standard retail cylinder canisters for mass merchandizing and grocery distribution, and extra large buckets for industrial applications.

Choose a small oval container for specialty applications, glove box, purse, and travel size products.

Choose a standard 3" round for 25 to 35 count cleaning product applications, including household cleaning products, computer screens, and automotive applications.

For 100 to 250 count large industrial size applications, choose a bucket-sized container. Our custom injection molded wipe dispenser lid insert can make any plastic bucket into a wipes container!

Refills - 800/2/CS

Dispensers -Centerpull, Buckets & Stands



dermagel from inopakDermalGel Waterless Hand Sanitizer is a mild, antibacterial gel with an alcohol content of 62% and a preservative to inhibit the regrowth of bacteria after drying.  This product is very effective against the war on germs. It is fast and easy to use.  No water is required.  Just dispense a drop the size of a dime onto your hands and rub gently for 15 seconds.

For a free sample of DermaGel, please call us at 800-SOAP-PAK.

Waterless alcohol rubs are the leading tool for hand disinfection, far superior to soap and water. CDC* recommendations, as well as evidence based data reports, state they are more effective in removing pathogens.

DermaGel meets all recommendations for choosing an alcohol waterless rub.                                      



Monk Cleaning Products

Packaging in Bottles
5025-420-02 4 / 1 gallon
5025-430-02 16 / 18 oz. bottles
5025-450-03 24 / 4 oz. bottles
5025-480-02 80 / 2 oz. bottles

Packaging for Bag-in-Box Dispenser
5025-404 DermaGel Waterless Sanitizer 12/800ML 24 75
5025-404-500 DermaGel Waterless Sanitizer 18/500ML 22 70
5025-404-LN DermaGel Waterless Sanitizer 10/1000ML 26 72
Packaging for Liquid DiscPump Dispenser
5025-L1000 DermaGel Waterless Sanitizer 8/1000ML
5025-XL2000 DermaGel Waterless Sanitizer 4/2000ML











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